SerwisPolskiego Towarzystwa Onkologii Klinicznej

Trwają wybory Prezesa ESMO na lata 2020-2021.

5 czerwca 2017

W dniu 3 czerwca 2017 Europejskie Towarzystwo Onkologii Klinicznej - ESMO udostępniło internetowe głosowanie w wyborach prezesa stowarzyszenia na lata 2020-2021.

Jednym z dwóch kandydatów jest prof. Christoph Zieliński.

Kandydatura profesora Zielińskiego jest popierana przez Central European Cooperative Oncology Group:

Dear Friend and Partner of CECOG,

it is CECOG's particular honour and pleasure to announce that the Central European Cooperative Oncology Group – CECOG President, prof. Christoph Zielinski, has been chosen by the Nominating Committee of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) to be one of two candidates to run for the ESMO Presidency 2020 / 2021. On behalf of CECOG, we want to warmly ask you to support the election of Prof. Zielinski to this very important position. For those of you who do not know him, please find a very personal information on Prof. Zielinski here:

As you know, Professor Zielinski has been a very strong advocate for Central and Southeastern Europe ever since the founding of CECOG in 1999. Thus, CECOG has coordinated controlled clinical trials in our geographic area resulting in an abundance of high to very high ranking publications where many of you have been authors and for which CECOG is more than grateful until now. Moreover, CECOG has been very active in the organisation of educational events, perceptorship programs, seminars and conferences as well as a Summer School held in Bucharest in which CECOG has participated. The idea for these events was to bring recent news and progress to the region in which we were very successful by involving env. 2500 participants over the years.

Prof. Zielinski has, therefore, included the concept of EQUALITY as the "key word" for his bid for the Presidency.

EQUALITY should include:

- access to education, knowledge and training of all physicians who are

members of ESMO;

- widened access of physicians who are ESMO members to fellowship programs

organised by ESMO;

- access to innovative drugs for our patients in the entirety of Europe;

- fostering careers of all members irrepsctive of gender, age, race,

ethnicity, religion, geographic location or sexual orientation

- equal opportunities for ESMO members within the ESMO leadership

according to their qualification and participation in ESMO-led endeavours.

Please be assured that the topic of making ESMO members from Central and Southeastern Europe and other constituents of the the CECOG area will be one of Prof. Zielinski's main targets during his ESMO Presidency, just as he did in the past.

CECOG asks you, therefore, to cast your ballot for Prof. Zielinski when the voting starts on June 3, 2017 in the early morning.

To cast your ballot, please

1. Have your ESMO ID at hand

2. Make sure your account is in good standing

3. Log into My ESMO,

4. Read about the candidates beforehand

5. Tick the box that says "Christoph Zielinski"

Please vote as soon as possible after the opening of the election in the morning of June 3, 2017, in order to send a strong sign from our geographic region of our common support of Prof. Zielinski becoming ESMO President!

Thank you for your support!

Very best wishes from the CECOG Office