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Polskie prace w Amsterdamie.

25 września 2013

Podczas European Cancer Congress 2013 w Amsterdamie bedą prezentowane następujące prace polskich autorów :

- Huszno J. i wsp. (nr 640) – „HER2 status in breast cancer patients: A comparison between borderline positive HER2 and strongly positive HER2 tumors.”

- Jankiewicz M. i wsp. (nr 2051) - „Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy using low-kilovoltage X-rays for early breast carcinoma: single centre case series with 5-year follow-up.

- Nowara E. i wsp. (nr 1587) – “Analysis of cancer treatment toxicity in patients over 65 years of age.”

- Palka T. (nr 1571) – “Influence of preoperative nutritional screening on treatment planning, and short-term outcome in elderly patients with gastric cancer.”

- Stanisławek A. i wsp. (nr 1258) – „Oncoplastic surgery as an indispensible technique in breast conserving surgery.”

- Żerek B. i wsp. (nr 536) - „Modulation of genes expression as an effective tool for enhancing the antitumor effect of death ligands. Novel IFN-gamma - TRAIL/Apo2L fusion protein.”

- Pieczykolan J. i wsp. (nr 537) – “The AD-O56.9 - fusion of TRAIL/Apo2L with a membrane permeable peptide as a novel anticancer therapeutic .”

- Pieczykolan A. i wsp. (nr 538) – „TRAIL/Apo2L resistant cancer cells can be sensitized to TRAIL by targeted delivery of peptides derived from BH3 domain of human Bid .”,

- Huszno J. i wsp. (nr 557) – „Correlation between BRCA1/2 mutation and treatment side effects in breast cancer patients .”

- Rózga P. i wsp. (nr 605) – „Inhibition PDGF pathway by dual antiangiogenic and proapoptotic fusion molecule is a new preclinical strategy in treat cancer .”

- Pieczykolan J. i wsp. (nr 606) – „Preclinical evaluation of anticancer potential of AD-O51.4 - novel fusion molecule with dual antiangiogenic and anticancer potential .”

- L. Turczyk T. i wsp. (nr 619) – „Tetraspanin CD151 regulates expression of fibroblast growth factor receptor-2 (FGFR2) in ductal carcinoma in situ cell line .”

- Andryszak P. i wsp. (nr 2003) – „Cognitive functioning before adjuvant chemotherapy for breast carcinoma .”

- Wojcieszek P. i wsp. (nr 2026) – „Multicatheter brachytherapy under local anesthesia for accelerated partial breast irradiation .”

- Nowikiewicz T. i wsp (nr 2053) – „Application of artificial neuronal networks for predicting presence of non-sentinel lymph node metastases in breast cancer patients with positive sentinel lymph node biopsies .”

- Markiewicz A. i wsp (nr 2093) – „Mesenchymal phenotype of CTCs-enriched blood fraction and lymph node metastasis formation potential .”

- Kozieł D. i wsp (nr 1572) – „Surgical treatment of patients aged 85 years and over with special consideration to neoplastic disease .”

- Żaczek A. i wsp. (nr 1016) – „Expression of cancer stem cell (CSC) markers in primary tumors (PT) and matched lymph node metastases (LNM) in breast cancer patients .”

- Szafron L. i wsp. ( nr1023) – „CRNDE (a novel marker of poor prognosis in patients with cancer) encodes the CRNDEP protein, a component of stress granules .”

- Szafron L. i wsp. (nr 1024) – „The CRNDE, VAV2 and CEBPA genes as new negative prognostic factors in ovarian cancer patients .”

- Pawlak S.D. i wsp. (nr 823) – „Reactivation of apoptosis in cancer cells with new class of fusion proteins .”

- Psurski M. i wsp. (nr 831) – „Naturally occurring isothiocyanates potentiate doxorubicin cytotoxicity in doxorubicin-resistant colon cancer cells .”

- Grygielewicz P. i wsp. (nr 834) – „Epithelial-mesenchymal transition confers resistance to FGFR inhibitors in gastric cancer cell line .”

- Zdżalik D. i wsp. (nr 893) – „Design and development of active and selective FGFR kinase inhibitor CPL-043 as potential anticancer targeted therapy .”

- Kurylcio A. i wsp. (nr 1472) – „Clinico- pathological differences in breast cancer in women from rural and urban areas .”

- Kraszkiewicz M. i wsp. ( nr 2560) „Brain metastases from stomach cancer - the role of different treatment modalities and efficacy of palliative radiotherapy .”

- Lewandowski T. i wsp. (nr 2657) – „EGFR expression, but not mutation of EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA and MSI is prognostic factor in gastric cancer after surgical resection .”

- Głuszek S. i wsp. (nr 2573) – „Oesophageal cancer as a difficult clinical problem .”

- Kolodziejczyk M. i wsp. (nr 3810) – „Factors related to the early toxicity of hypofractionated preoperative radiotherapy in treatment of localized extremity/trunk wall soft tissue sarcoma (STS) .”

- Kosela H. i wsp. (nr 3845) – „Systemic palliative treatment of patients with inoperable/metastatic L-sarcomas (liposarcoma and leiomyosarcoma) .”

- Mucha-Malecka A. i wsp. (nr 1113) – „Application of IMRT technique in treatment of malignant gliomas: Assessment of treatment tolerance .”

- Gos A. i wsp. (nr 3719) – „Comparison between two widely used laboratory methods in BRAF V600 mutation detection rate in FFPE clinical samples of stage III cutaneous melanoma metastases to the lymph nodes .”

- Mackiewicz J. i wsp. (nr 3744) – „Immunotargeting melanoma stem cells with Hyper-IL6 modified whole cell therapeutic vaccine (AGI-101H) in patients with advanced melanoma - a joint analysis of two phase 2 studies .”